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Cairn Housing Association has been in existence for over 30 years and has more than 3000 properties throughout Scotland. The Association will provide good quality affordable homes and services in communities where people want to live.

Contact details
65 Haymarket Terrace
Edinburgh EH12 5HD
Tel: 0131 556 4511
Email: enquiries@cairnha.com
Website: www.cairnha.com

Type of housing available

  • Sheltered flats with on site support in Broughty Ferry
  • 8 general needs flats in Hillbank Place, Dundee

Who can apply

  • Sheltered housing is suitable for people aged 60 and over who would benefit from on site support and emergency alarm call services.
  • Younger applicants may be considered if they would benefit from the services provided.
  • For general needs housing applications are welcomed from applicants aged 16 years and over.

Where and how to apply

  • For sheltered properties application forms can be obtained from 43 London Street, Edinburgh EH3 6LX, Tel: 0131 556 4511 or by emailing enquiries@cairnha.com.
  • General needs properties are let by 100% nominations from Dundee City Council. Applicants need to complete an Dundee City Council Housing Application form ensuring that they tick the box 'Wish to be considered by Housing Associations'.

How applications are assessed

  • Applications are assessed using a points based system.

Rent Levels

  • The rent levels range from £300.16 to £353.90 inclusive of service charges for general needs properties.
  • For sheltered properties rent levels, inclusive service charge and heating, range from £345.99 to £360.53. These rents are correct as at 1 April 2011.

Repairs and maintenance

  • We aim to have repairs carried out as quickly and as cost effective as possible.
  • We classify repairs into categories depending on their nature and effect on your health, safety and security.


  • You must write to obtain written permission from the association to make alterations or improvements.
  • See Tenants Handbook for further details.

Right to Buy

  • Our housing stock in Dundee is not subject to the Right to Buy

Transfers and Mutual exchanges

  • Please contact this office for further details of the available options.