Housing Options in Dundee - Deciding what you want

Housing Options in Dundee - Deciding what you want container

Housing Options in Dundee - Deciding what you want content

Before you start looking for a home to rent you should think about what area you want to live in, what type/size of house you need and how much you can afford to pay.


  • Properties for rent are located throughout the city, ranging from flatted properties to luxury homes. The majority of┬áproperties for rent are located in the West End, the City Centre, Stobswell and Broughty Ferry. There are also private rented properties in most council estates.
  • You will have to think about travelling times/distances e.g. to work, school or nursery.


  • You will have to decide if you want somewhere to yourself or share with other people.
  • Think carefully about what your needs are e.g.
    • the number of rooms you need, don't overcrowd a property
    • ground floor due to medical/mobility issues

What can you afford

  • Work out your budget carefully and be clear about what you can afford or you could end up with debts.
  • Make a detailed list of all your outgoings
    • Rent - adverts will give you an idea of average rents
    • Council Tax - contact the Council Tax Office, Tel: 0800 250025
    • Electricity/Gas - suppliers can give you average costs for the size of property you are looking for
    • Food costs
    • Other costs....TV licence, broadband insurance, furniture