Housing Options in Dundee - Problems during your tenancy

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  • If you have problems during your tenancy with any repairs, do not attempt to fix them yourself, contact your landlord immediately and they will organise to repair/replace it.
  • Most landlords will have their own qualified contractors/tradesmen who will carry out the work.
  • If you smell gas call 0800 111 999.


  • If you damage anything in the property, you will normally be liable for the damage.
  • This may be taken from your deposit.


  • If you have problems paying your rent, contact you landlord straight away.
  • Contact the council's Benefits section, Tel: 0800 250 025, to see if you are eligible to claim  Local Housing Allowance.

Antisocial behaviour/Harrassment

  • Antisocial Behaviour can make people’s lives a misery.
  • If someone complains about you or you complain about the antisocial behaviour of others, your landlord is required under the Antisocial Behaviour Act (Scotland) 2004 to take action.
  • If you, or your visitors, behave in an antisocial way, it could lead to you losing your home.
  • If you are a victim of antisocial behaviour, keep a log of incidents, and speak to your landlord.
  • You can also get free advice by calling the Antisocial Behaviour Team, Tel: 01382 307366

Problems with your landlord

  • The vast majority of landlords are responsible and fair. If you have a problem discuss it with your landlord.
  • If this does not work contact the Landlord Registration Team, Tel: 435406 or 435407. The team will give you advice and may refer you to other organisations. who can help.