Housing Options in Dundee - Tenancy agreement etc.

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When you have found a property that is suitable and the landlord has agreed to rent it to you, there are some things you will have to do.


  • The landlord may ask for references e.g. credit reference, bank reference, employer reference, to confirm that you are a suitable tenant

Tenancy agreement

  • This is a contract you and your landlord both sign, that gives you details of :
    • The length of the tenancy
    • The rent
    • Who is responsible for repairs
    • Any restrictions on the use of the property
  • You should make sure you understand what is in the tenancy agreement before you sign it. If you are not sure about it you should seek advice


  • You should get a written inventory when you move into a property
  • This is a list of what is provided in the tenancy, for example, carpets, furniture, and curtains
  • It is important that you check all the items listed, as this is what the landlord will check if you end the tenancy
  • If you take photographs you should give your landlord a copy of them


  • You will have to make arrangements to pay your rent
  • This will probably be by direct debit. Your landlord will ask you to set this up with your bank
  • If you do pay by cash always get a receipt, and keep them

Home insurance

  • Your landlord will have buildings insurance but this will not cover your personal belongings
  • You will need to get 'contents' insurance for your own belongings