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STORM is a 10-metre tall goddess of the sea, created by Vision Mechanics and made from entirely recycled materials. STORM comes with an environmental message, to encourage us all to celebrate our seas, care for our coastlines and empower us all to put the environment first.

On 26 September STORM will arrive into Slessor Gardens at approximately 12.30pm where she will take in the festivities head of a procession around the city centre. Starting at Slessor Gardens at 1.10pm, walking up Castle Street, along to City Square, along High Street, down Union Street, along Dock Street and back into Slessor Gardens. A performance from Urban Moves Dance Company will bid her a farewell just before 3pm.


Credit to Jassy Earl, for Vision Mechanics © 2020. All images taken in at Glasgow Celtic Connections, on the 18th May 2020

Find the full programme here.

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What is sustainability and what does it mean for Dundee?

Sustainability is concerned with looking after our natural environment whilst ensuring a strong economy and a fair and healthy society. These three pillars of economy, environment and society are dependent on each other for a Sustainable Dundee:

Sustainable Dundee

By carrying out activities like reducing our waste, increasing our energy efficiency, improving public transport and cycling and walking options, developing renewables, enhancing biodiversity and green spaces and adapting to some of the impacts of climate change; we can proactively improve sustainability in Dundee and benefit from:

  • Reduced fuel poverty
  • Improved air quality and human health
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases
  • Greater employment, apprenticeship opportunities, skills and supply chain development
  • Engaging with communities
  • Collaborative partnerships between public and private sector
  • Creating a knowledge and skills base
  • A secure local energy supply which supports the local economy

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For enquiries, please contact the Sustainability and Climate Change Team on:

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