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Bereavement Services - A Guide to the City’s Cemeteries

Dundee City Council is responsible for the management of the following cemeteries throughout the city:

All the cemeteries have pedestrian access 24/7.  Vehicle access is limited to 08.00 until dusk throughout the year.

  • Balgay
  • Barnhill
  • Birkhill
  • Eastern
  • Western

Purchase of Lairs

We have two types of lairs available:

  • Traditional lawn grave
  • Woodland, located only in Birkhill Cemetery, where the lair areas are currently maintained as a wildflower meadow and trees will be planted. Memorials are not permitted in this area.

We have burial areas set aside for:

  • Children at Birkhill Cemetery
  • Muslims at Birkhill Cemetery
  • Jews at Eastern Cemetery

Lairs are available for sale in:

  • Birkhill Cemetery
  • Barnhill Cemetery

There is a space for cremated remains only:

  • Balgay Cemetery
  • Birkhill Cemetery
  • Barnhill Cemetery
  • Western Cemetery

Burial Ground Charges (188KB PDF)

Floral Tributes Birkhill Cemetery

During times of hard frost or snow cover there may be a possibility of some floral tributes being eaten by the Rabbits and the Roe Deer, this is due to the animals finding it difficult to source food in the surrounding areas. To alleviate this problem we would recommend that cellophane wrappings be kept on the tributes, or checking the attached list of plants that the Rabbits and Roe Deer may not eat, a list is also available on the cemetery notice board and in the cemetery waiting room.

Nepeta (catmint), Helichrysum (curry plant), Symphytum (comfrey), Bergenia, Fuchsia, Heather, Yucca, Brunnera, Tradescantia, Hardy Geranium, Digitalis, Aquilegia, Echinops, Zantedeschia, Geum, Alchemilia, Hosta, Crocosmia, Astilbe, Stachys, Narcissus, Rudbeckia, Anemone, Vinca, Thalictrum, Aconitum, Aster.


We offer a variety of ways for you to remember:

  • Headstones
  • Plaques
  • Seats
  • Trees
  • Planting

We also have the following:

For General Information

Transfer of a lair must be recorded within a reasonable time (not exceeding 12 months) of the demise of the named proprietor.

How to Contact Us

Appointments are required to be made for Family History searches, Lair Sales & Lair Transfers.
For General Enquiries & Appointments contact Burial Administration on 01382 431536
Environment Department
3 City Square
Dundee, DD1 3BA

Fax: 01382 431557

Map showing Dundee City Council