Co-ordinated Support Plan

Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004

Information for Parents/Carers

What is a Co-ordinated Support Plan (CSP)?

  • The CSP is a statutory document which will be subject to regular monitoring and review. It will describe the factor or factors from which the additional support needs arise. As well as detailing what support will be given and what educational outcomes are expected, it will describe how agencies will work together.

Who needs a CSP?

  • Some children and young people have additional support needs arising from complex or multiple factors which require a high degree of co- ordination of the support from education and other agencies.

How do I know if my child needs a CSP?

  • A meeting will be held in the school to which you will be invited. At this meeting the criteria for opening a CSP will be discussed. The agencies which support your child will be asked to detail the level of support they provide.
  • When all the support provided for your child is recorded it will be possible to reach a decision as to whether your child needs a CSP. A decision must be made within four weeks of proposing consideration for a CSP.

Who writes the CSP?

  • The school is responsible for writing the CSP with help and advice from the Educational Psychologist.

Are parents/carers involved in writing a CSP?

  • Parents/carers are involved in the discussion at the planning stage and at the draft stage. A draft of the CSP will be sent to you for your views. Your opinion will be taken account of in writing the final draft of the CSP. When agreement is reached about the contents of the CSP, the final draft is sent to Dundee City Council for signing.
  • The writing phase of the CSP should be completed within 12 weeks but an extension of a further 8 weeks is possible if difficulties arise.

Who manages the CSP?

  • A Co-ordinator for the CSP will be appointed and they will maintain regular contact with the child and his/her family. In almost all cases this will be a teacher. They will monitor the services required to deliver the additional support identified in the CSP.

Who gets a copy of the CSP?

  • As a parent/carer you will receive a copy of the CSP, your child is also entitled to receive a copy. A copy is kept at Dundee City Council, where it can be viewed by you at any time during working hours. Everyone named on the CSP who is supporting your child will also be given a copy. Each copy will be identified by its own identity number. 

Who gets to see the CSP?

  • Although this is a confidential document, to be effective for planning and monitoring progress, it needs to be shared with a range of people e.g. class teacher, Early Years educator. Some people will need to see all of the CSP and some may only need to see the educational objectives. You will be involved in the discussion as to who can see the CSP and how much they can see.

What happens if we move out of the area?

  • If you tell us when you are leaving the area, within four weeks of your moving, Dundee City Council would transfer the CSP to the new education authority.

What happens if a CSP is not continued?

  • Where a CSP is to be discontinued after a review or the authority are no longer responsible for the child’s education the CSP must be preserved for a period of 5 years from the date of the discontinuance noted on the plan.  At the end of the 5 year period the CSP must be destroyed. Parents should, where possible, be notified that this has happened.

What happens if we don’t agree?

  • The local authority must not discontinue the plan before the expiry of the 2 month period parents have in which to refer the decision to a tribunal.

What is a tribunal?

  • Parents and young people can make a reference to an Additional Support Needs Tribunal for issues related to a co-ordinated support plan.  More detail is available from:

    Additional Support Needs (Health and Education Chamber)
    Online inquiries at: 
    Helpline: 0141 302 5864
    First-Tier Tribunal for Scotland
    4th Floor, 1 Atlantic Quay, 45 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8JB

Further Information
You can get further information about what you have read in this leaflet from the Code of Practice ‘supporting children’s learning’ available in the reference section of all Dundee libraries.

Key Contacts
If you want more specific advice and guidance about support for learning in Dundee, please contact Janette Kerr, Education Support Officer (ASN) Tel: 01382 433984

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