Consultation on Closure of Law Nursery from July 2023

At the meeting of Children and Families Service Committee on 15 May 2023, Committee approved the following proposal:

Closure of Law Nursery from July 2023

It was agreed by Committee that the Council should now proceed with the proposal to close Law Nursery. The minute of the Children and Families Service Committee of the 15 May will now be placed on the Council website, the consultation report on the proposal is also available on the school estate consultation webpage. The Council must now wait a further 8-week period within which a call-in notice may be issued in respect to the proposal by Scottish Ministers.

This notice is now to advise that Scottish Ministers have been informed of Dundee City Council’s decision to implement the closure proposal. Under the terms of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010 ('the 2010 Act'), a period of 3 weeks begins from the date of the decision by Dundee City Council to implement the closure proposal with the revised implementation date during which time representations may be made to the Scottish Ministers. Relevant representations will be taken account of by the Scottish Ministers in considering whether to issue a call-in notice. This 3 week period for submitting representations extends to and includes Monday 5th June 2023 on which date the 3 week period ends.

If you send in your representation you may have included personal information about yourself such as your email address, postal address and other sensitive personal data in support of your representation.

Representations can be emailed to:

or in writing:

School Infrastructure Unit 
Scottish Government 
2-A (S) Victoria Quay
Edinburgh EH6 6QQ

Dundee City Council are consulting on the following proposal:

Closure of Law Nursery from July 2023

In the spring of 2022, the Council was made aware that the Diocese of Dunkeld was selling the land which is currently leased by the council and occupied by Law Nursery. Notice has been served upon Dundee City Council regarding their existing lease of the site. The implications of this required a review of Law Nursery. 

As a result of the recent expansion of children’s entitlement to 1140 hours of funded early learning and childcare, the overall capacity and range of delivery models for children aged 3-5 years and eligible 2 year olds has increased across the city and within the local area.

In considering all of the options for the future of Law Nursery, including its potential closure, the service has engaged with families to consider current and alternative early years provision. This operational decision was necessary to avoid any additional transition or impact upon children, parents and staff should Law Nursery close. 

Dundee City Council invite you to consider the full proposal and would like to hear your views. A public meeting will be held at Law Nursery 24th November 2022 at 6pm where members of the public can find out more details about the proposal and express their opinions.

We also welcome written feedback. 

This can be sent by email to or by post to:

Mrs Audrey May
Executive Director of Children and Families Service
Floor 3, 5 East City Square

The consultation commences on Monday 7th November 2022 and closes on Tuesday 20th December 2022

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