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The closure of Braeview Academy and Craigie High School and the re-delineation of existing school catchments to form a new single catchment area for a new joint secondary school/community learning campus from August 2024; and the expansion of the catchment area for Grove Academy from August 2024 to embrace the current Craigiebarns Primary School catchment area.

Dundee City Council’s Children and Families Service started taking opinions in February over plans to close Braeview Academy and Craigie High School and replace them with a new secondary school and community learning campus.  As part of this, consultation was also carried out over the expansion of Grove Academy’s catchment to include Craigiebarns Primary School.

The link will direct you to this proposal. 
Braeview Academy and Craigie High School

The report is also available at your child’s school or Dundee House.

Further consultation on the proposal took place between August and September after the original period was cut short due to the coronavirus-related closure of schools in March.
Education Scotland then conducted its own three-week engagement with stakeholders during late September and October.

The link will direct you to the consultation report for Braeview Academy and Craigie High School, including Education Scotland’s findings.
Braeview Academy and Craigie High School Consultation Report

In the conclusion of the report, it is proposed that the recommendation for a new school should go forward.

A further three-week period will now be taken by the council in order to comply with the requirements of the Schools Consultation (Scotland) Act 2010.

Any final decision on approval will be considered by the council’s Children and Families Services committee in January 2021.

The removal of Invergowrie Primary Schools status as an associated primary to Harris Academy from August 2021

The revision of catchment areas for Ancrum Road Primary School, Blackness Primary School, Camperdown Primary School, Tayview Primary School and Victoria Park Primary School from August 2021

Views were sought on the above proposal for the realignment of the catchment areas of Harris Academy’s feeder schools, with the removal of Invergowrie Primary as an associated primary.

Following the consultation process, and in response to the queries raised by consultees, Dundee City Council has amended its consultation papers to include what is perceived as the educational benefits for Invergowrie Primary School should the proposal go ahead and provided further clarity on projected pupil numbers.

The link will direct you to the revised proposal. 
Harris Academy Cluster Primary Schools

This report is also available at your child’s school or Dundee House

An additional three week period will be provided from 18 November to 9 December to enable stakeholders to respond to the revised proposal paper in writing or by email.  

At the end of this exercise, and after careful consideration of any additional comments received, the council will look to publish the completed consultation report as soon as is possible.

This link will take you to the original consultation
Harris Academy Cluster Primary Schools

Revised timeline of engagement

The presentation used at the previous public meeting is available below for you to view.
View the Harris Academy presentation here.

Written feedback can be sent by email to children.families@dundeecity.gov.uk or by post to:

Mr Paul Clancy
Executive Director of Children and Families Service
Dundee House
50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee DD1 1NL