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*** Please note this consultation is now closed ***

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On 27th January 2020 Dundee City Council’s Children and Families Service Committee agreed to start formal consultations on two proposals to change our school estate. The two reports we are consulting on are:

  • 42-2020 Learning estate options for Braeview Academy and Craigie High School
  • 43-2020 Realignment of feeder primaries and primary catchment areas of cluster schools associated to Harris Academy

The links below will direct you to details of each proposal:

Braeview Academy and Craigie High School
Harris Academy Cluster Primary Schools

On the 10th February 2020, Dundee City Council Children and Families Service embarked upon consultation in relation to its school estate to seek stakeholder’s views on the above proposals.

Following Scottish Government advice, schools closed on Friday 20th March in attempts to contain and reduce the spread of Covid-19 consequently the consultation process was interrupted.

As a result of the exceptional response by everyone involved and many actions and measures put in place over the past couple of months, we are hopeful that we have overcome the worst of the Pandemic and the peak of the virus has now past. We are now working towards recovery and adapting to the new social “norms”.

Consultation Process

We now wish to continue engagement in the consultation process and bring it to a close. Having sought advice on the best way to proceed, we are to undertake an additional period of engagement to enable those who have not yet responded or still intend to share their views to do so as detailed below.

Online consultation activity will resume for 3 weeks from Monday 17th August 2020 and close on Friday 4th September 2020.

Large public gatherings continue to not be permitted and are unlikely to for some time. Instead we are conducting the remaining engagements via online and digital methods in place of public meetings.

The presentations which were used at the previous public meetings are available below for you to view and we would request that any views or responses are submitted by email or in writing. All submissions in relation to the consultation proposals will be considered however please do not respond to this element of the process if you intend to share views or opinions which were aired during a public meeting or have previously been submitted as these have already been documented and recorded.

In the absence of an opportunity to receive verbal responses to questions asked during a public meeting and in an attempt to replicate this, senior officers within Children and Families Service will respond to all questions shared via the digital process. All questions with respective answers will be published weekly during the additional engagement period on the consultation webpage, the link to the feedback can be found at the end of this webpage.

In line with normal practice, Education Scotland will then conduct their own 3 week engagement with stakeholders which will include on-line and digital methods during the months of September and October 2020. It is important to acknowledge that this engagement is not to repeat questions, views and opinions already shared via public meetings, emails and written responses but to explore any other aspects of the proposals that may not yet have been covered. All aforementioned information will be given to Education Scotland in advance of them undertaking this work.

Unfortunately due to the unforeseen circumstances, the delay will result in decisions not being made regarding the proposals until the end of January 2021 rather than June 2020 as originally planned. Dundee City Council invite you to consider the proposals and would like to hear your views.

View dates and revised timeline of engagement here

View Braeview Academy and Craigie High School presentations here

View Harris Academy Cluster Primary Schools presentation here

Written feedback can be sent by email to children.families@dundeecity.gov.uk or by post to:

Mr Paul Clancy
Executive Director of Children and Families Service
Dundee House
50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee DD1 1NL

View the weekly questions and answers from the online engagement here