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A review of progress made in response to the findings of the 2019 Dundee Drugs Commission is under way.

The review will be carried out by the Commission to look at changes in the city following the publication of its Responding to Drug Use with Kindness, Compassion and Hope report.

Commissioners, chaired by Dr Robert Peat, will hear from key agencies in the city as well as service providers and people who are affected by drug use and the impact of drug-related deaths.

It will look at a range of areas including systems, processes and cultures, in line with the recommendations in the report. 

A series of information-gathering meetings will be held up to December 2021. Although these will be held in private, the Commission’s findings will be made public at the end of the process. 

The sessions will hear from people using services, those with lived and living experience, family members, service providers, those working in services, leaders in the Partnership and members of the community who wish to comment on the situation.