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Registration of Births (update 24 June)

In late March, registration of births was temporarily suspended to allow registrars to focus on the registration of deaths and still-births. From June 29, 2020, in phase 2 of the Routemap through and out of the COVID-19 crisis, registration offices will begin to reopen to allow high-priority activities to take place.

As from 29th June 2020 birth registrations will take place in our office by appointment only.

We have a list of parents who have contacted us and we will be in touch with an appointment to register the birth of your child.

Please make sure you have the letter registering the birth of your baby, and also if married you will need your marriage extract. If not married both parents will need their birth extracts.

If you have not already been in touch, please give us a call on 01382 435222 or email your name will be added to the list in order we can make an appointment for you in due course.

Dundee registration office will work to ensure that births are registered as quickly as possible, but your patience will be much appreciated as the backlog of registrations is processed.