Citizenship Ceremonies in Dundee

The United Kingdom is a diverse community of over 59 million people which has traditionally welcomed immigrants to its shores. The British government attaches great importance to integrating new citizens into its society through Citizenship Ceremonies.

A citizenship ceremony is the final stage in the process which will confer upon applicants the privilege of British Citizenship. Citizenship ceremonies in Dundee are the responsibility of the City Registrar and all ceremonies are led by a qualified registrar. A local dignitary also attends each ceremony to welcome applicants to the City and present them with their certificate and a commemorative medal form Dundee City Council.

At the end of the application process for British Citizenship, applicants will receive a letter approving their application and advising them to contact their local registrar to arrange their participation in a citizenship ceremony. Citizenship ceremonies are held each month in Dundee in one of the committee rooms in City Square. Prior to attending the ceremony applicants are sometimes asked to attend an interview with the registrar so that they understand what is required of them on the day of the ceremony. 

The British government and Dundee City Council believes that we should prepare people for British citizenship, welcome new citizens into the local community and celebrate their acquisition of British Citizenship. With this in mind the citizenship ceremony is designed to reflect the importance of becoming British to the individual. The citizenship ceremony is also a significant life event and an important step to integrating into the British way of life, as well as an integral part of the nationalising and registration of newcomers.