Election Results

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Election Result

Constituency:  Dundee Central
Date of Election:  4 July 2024

The result of the Election held in the Dundee Central Constituency is as follows:-

Name of Candidate Description No of Votes
Daniel John Coleman Scottish Liberal Democrat 2402
Susan Ettle Scottish Family Party 357
Emma Farquhar Scottish Conservative and Unionist 1569
Chris Law Scottish National Party (SNP) 15544
Vicky McCann Reform UK 2363
Richard McCready Labour and Co-operative Party 14869
Jim McFarlane Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 600
Raymond Mennie Workers Party 192
Niko Omilana Independent 139
Alan Ross Alba Party: Yes to Scottish Independence 813


Rejected Ballot Papers
(a)  Want of Official Mark 0
(b)  Voting for more than one candidate 21
(c)  Writing or mark by which voter can be identified 3
(d)  Unmarked or void for uncertainty 129
Total Rejected 153


Electorate 74221
Turnout % 52.5


There were 153 spolit papers.

I therefore declare Chris Law to be duly elected.

Gregory Colgan, Returning Officer