UK General Election 2024

The UK General Election will be held on Thursday 4th July 2024. 

Important information about postal votes

We are aware of delays in delivery by Royal Mail. Please be patient if you are waiting for your postal vote to arrive.

If you applied by 10 June, it’s in the post and will be with you soon.

If you applied for one between 11 – 19 June it will be sent out by the weekend.

If you applied up to 10 June and you haven’t received your postal vote by Friday (28 June) at the latest please email and we will consider issuing a replacement.

Please return your postal vote as soon as possible, through either:

  • Our customer services team City Square Box Office between 9am and 5pm Monday 1 July to Wednesday 3 July
  • A Polling station on polling day (Thursday 4 July) up to 10pm.

Remember, you can only hand in your own postal vote, and the postal votes of up to five other people.

When handing in your postal vote at the Box Office or to a polling station you will be asked to complete a form which we will provide.

Staff will help you with this. You will need to include your name and address, how many postal votes you are handing in and why you are handing in those postal votes.

Do not post your ballot paper through any council letter box, it will be rejected.

Electoral Commission information
The Chief Executive of Dundee City Council is the Returning Officer for the Dundee Central Constituency.

Polling takes place between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm and the results are expected to be announced at approximately 2.30 am.

Voting is by way of the first past the post system ie the candidate with the most votes is elected.

To vote you simply place a cross (X) against the candidate of your choice.

Statistical information on the Electorate and Postal Voting will follow.

Details of Candidates can be found on the Election Notices page.