Waste Collection Strategy

Waste Collection Strategy Image

Efforts to more than double Dundee’s current recycling rate to meet national targets are at the centre of a comprehensive review into waste collection methods, the environment committee will hear on Monday (June 10). 

An update will be considered on the work being undertaken to respond to the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012, which have been introduced to support the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan. 

A report to be considered by councillors explains that more work is being undertaken to look into pick-up methods for waste at tenements and flats. Other areas under consideration in the 9-12 month long investigation include ways of collecting paper, glass, plastics and metals. 

The committee will hear that a “root and branch” review of collection operations is also needed, including a detailed review of all routes, frequencies, vehicles and equipment. 

Councillors will be told that “significant change is required to achieve the challenging targets now being set”. 

The report explains that under new calculation rules, Dundee’s most recent recycling rate was 32.4%. National targets for recycling household waste are set at 70% in just over a decade. 

Environment convener Councillor Craig Melville said: “No decisions have been taken about the future of recycling and waste collection in the city and proposals will not be brought back to committee until this thorough review has been carried out. 

“I want to emphasise that there cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ solution for the city, which is why analysis of waste collection at tenements and flats is an important part of this strategy.” 

Councillor Melville added:  “Dundee people have participated enthusiastically in recycling for a number of years and this gives us a good base to build on. 

“These national targets are challenging, but the council has to meet them and we take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously. 

“We need a long-term vision to take the city forward and we have to make sure that there is a detailed and thorough examination of all issues before any decisions are taken. 

“I also want to make sure that as many people from our communities can become involved in this process and that their views can be heard. We will be looking to engage with community councils, registered tenants’ organisations and a range of groups as part of a wide ranging communications exercise. 

“This review will take time to complete and future proposals can only be formed when it is finished. 

“I am determined that we can take the correct choices for the future of the city to meet the particular circumstances of our communities. 

“The dates for meeting national targets are getting closer and this is highlighted by other local authorities that have already made moves to change collection methods.”


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