Chief social work officer annual report

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CONTINUED MOVES towards helping more people to stay at home and out of hospital for longer as well as greater demand for services are among the challenges facing social work services in Dundee according to a new report.

The Chief Social Worker’s Annual Report looks to the future of the services in the city as well as summarising the work done in the past 12 months.

Ken Guild convener of Dundee City Council’s policy and resources committee said: “This report provides an indication of the trends, priorities, challenges and opportunities experienced by the service in 2015/16.

“Importantly it also shows how dedicated staff have worked tirelessly to support vulnerable people across the city.

“At a time of such significant and fundamental change in the services and the way they are delivered it is important that we continue to have full visibility of progress and that staff are given the tools they need to keep on delivering high quality care.”

The report by Dundee City Council’s chief social worker Jane Martin demonstrates that support and services which improve lives and provide innovative responses to the challenges being experienced continue to be delivered.

It identifies the key challenges and opportunities for the coming year which include increased demand for social work services due to a combination of demographic changes, financial pressures, increased public expectations and a move to more personalised ways of delivering support.

Meeting these challenges will need new ways of working along with service redesign and increased prioritisation of resources.

Ms Martin’s report notes that there will continue to be a shift from reactive to preventative approaches in order to support people who want to remain at home as long as possible and, wherever possible, avoid hospital admission.

This will require flexibility in line with the needs of service users and with the principles of self-directed support.

Further changes to the legal framework in which social work services are delivered are expected in the coming 12 months including community justice reforms.

A Children’s Service Improvement Plan arising from a recent inspection will also be implemented.

The report recognises that partnership working provides the greatest opportunity to improve outcomes for people and encourages more integrated responses and the opportunity to combine resources.

It will be discussed by councillors at a meeting of the policy and resources committee on Monday (November 14).

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