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A £1.4m project that will make Dundee a test bed for some of the most innovative transportation technology in the world has received official backing from the Scottish Cities Alliance (SCA).

The city will be part of a joint drive to create and bring together smart mobility know how which meets many social and economic priorities including reduced cost, congestion and carbon emissions as well as improving air quality.

Will Dawson convener of the city development committee said: “Dundee is widely recognised as being at the forefront of clean, efficient and integrated transport solutions, from electric cars and charging points to hybrid buses and smart ticketing.

“As technology develops and emerges at a rapid pace in the transport sector this scheme proposes to bring some of those innovations together in a co-ordinated and controlled way that will demonstrate to interested public, Third Sector and private bodies how they could work in a real-life environment.”

Dundee is one of four cities along with Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling backed by money form the European Regional Development Fund to take on smart mobility through the Scottish Cities Alliance (SCA).

The SCA was established to collaborate on economic development initiatives and includes all seven Scottish city local authorities. It has three main priority programmes for Scotland’s cities – the low carbon economy, city infrastructure investment and smart city.

There has been considerable interest from cities in taking forward developments under the smart city banner using digital technology and data sensor technology in the fields of transport and mobility.

Smart connected vehicles and digital infrastructure in roads can make it easier for people to find available shared car club vehicles, hire bikes, access taxis and locate electric charging points. Technologies can also integrate traditional public transport real time data and smart ticketing along with Urban Traffic Control information.

The Smart Mobility project plans to work with industry and Transport Scotland to build on Dundee’s already leading position in smart travel, active travel and low carbon vehicles. 

It will deliver investment in the city that promotes shared use of private and public vehicles for consumers and corporate fleet managers.

Capital investment will be put into software and technology to enhance vehicle sharing that will broaden the public transport infrastructure and be used to create a smart mobility hub that will act as a physical demonstration project.

It is expected that the first elements of the Smart Mobility Project will be in place by April next year.

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