Advice and thanks to council staff

Advice and thanks to council staff Image

Firstly - a huge thank you to all Council staff who have been working hard delivering services to our vulnerable citizens and keeping all of us safe in these severe weather conditions.
An amber warning remains in place until 10am today. All schools will be closed today but schools staff are asked to work at home.
All Council Offices will open today but there may be some disruption to public service.
Bus services are operating within the city but staff using these should check their local routes. Where staff are unable to travel to their usual place of work, they should report to their nearest local office e.g. east/west housing office, Claverhouse.
Keeping safe is paramount. Any staff member living outwith Dundee should follow local travel advice and liaise with their line manager if they are unable to travel - and do not have facility to work from home - to discuss how the severe weather advice will impact on them.
We will keep staff and the public updated over the coming days on the website and social media.

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