Proposed extension to residents' parking scheme

Proposed extension to residents

A NEW scheme to introduce residents only parking in three council wards surrounding the city centre is set to be discussed by councillors.

The scheme for Coldside, Maryfield and West End could see residents pay around ยฃ60 a year for a permit to ensure on street parking is available for their exclusive use.

Lynne Short convener of Dundee City Councilโ€™s city development committee said: โ€œFeedback from residents as part of our Engage Dundee consultation highlighted concerns about people parking all day to avoid charges, particularly in the three wards around the city centre.

โ€œElected members in these areas are also regularly contacted by residents who find it increasingly hard to park outside their home. From that feedback and further consultation we wanted to address the issue by extending the residentsโ€™ parking schemes.โ€

According to a report to be considered by the city development committee on Monday March 12 the preliminary capital costs for bringing in the proposed schemes is ยฃ723,000, with an annual running cost of around ยฃ103,000.

The capital cost will be met from prudential borrowing while the running cost will be met from the sale of permits, meaning that the residents parking schemes will operate on a cost neutral basis.

To achieve that each permit could cost in the region of ยฃ62 a year and would be limited to only one permit per household for the initial stage. An appeals panel will be created to consider special requests for an additional permit.

If the proposal is agreed the schemes will be introduced area by area starting in the next financial year (2018/2019) in Coldside, with a review of their effectiveness planned for 2020/2021. It will focus on the schemesโ€™ boundaries, the effect of displaced vehicles and consideration of additional permits depending on the initial up take.

Mark Flynn depute committee convener added: โ€œThis is not a straightforward operation and while it wonโ€™t guarantee anyone a parking space right outside their front door, what it will do is increase parking opportunities in the areas we are looking at.

โ€œWe are confident that the vehicles displaced from residential streets can be safely accommodated in our off street car parking provision at Bell Street, Gellatly Street, Olympia and Greenmarket.โ€

The scheme in Coldside covers residential streets in the Dudhope and Hilltown areas, while the Maryfield elementโ€™s eastern limit would end at Market Street, with the northern limit terminating at Lyon Street and aligning with Coldside Ward at Alexander Street.

Also in Maryfield the creation of a residentsโ€™ parking zone west of West Victoria Dock Road, south of Victoria Dock  and as far east as Camperdown Dock and the Queen Elizabeth Wharf is also proposed.

In the West End the scheme would have a western limit of Windsor Street extending to South Marketgait in the east. The northern limit would be Blackness Avenue, Blackness Road, Forest Park Road, Milnbank Road, Polepark Road and Lochee Road to Dudhope Terrace.

The council currently operates three residentsโ€™ parking schemes โ€“ in Menzieshill, Broughty Ferry and city centre.

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