Dundee Climate Action Plan Unveiled

Dundee Climate Action Plan Unveiled Image

A response to tackle the climate emergency declared by Dundee City Council will be unveiled at the policy & resources committee on Monday November 18.

The city’s partnership Climate Action Plan will be launched, alongside a report showing that the Council has slashed its own emissions by 13% in the last year.

Proposals include a Dundee Climate Change Conference in a year’s time to allow interest groups and communities to review progress on the issues.

Dundee City Council leader Councillor John Alexander said: β€œWe are absolutely committed to tackling the issues of climate change and I am pleased that the council agreed to declare a climate emergency here in Dundee.

β€œThis has allowed our public bodies, businesses and community organisations in Dundee to focus their thoughts on the city-wide action plan, which has been finalised following a number of engagement events and public consultation.

β€œWe are putting forward an initial set of proposals that will bring about practical solutions to reduce emissions from energy use, transport and waste as well as adapting to our changing climate.

 β€œI am also keen that the people of Dundee can play a part in this push and that is why a conference will make such an impact.”

Meanwhile, an annual report on the public bodies’ climate change duties shows the work that the council has taken in the year up to March 2019.

This shows improvements which include

  • Overall emissions down 13% over the last year
  • Emissions from energy use in buildings decreased by 17% over the last year
  • Overall carbon footprint down by 40% from 2007/08


Councillor Alexander added: β€œWhile we are making progress in Dundee, we all need to do more to deal with the climate emergency.

β€œWe are committed to making Dundee a sustainable city and we cannot be complacent.”

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