Dundee Climate Action Plan Launched

Dundee Climate Action Plan Launched  Image

A Dundee Climate Action Plan was launched on Wednesday (Dec 4) in response to the climate emergency declared by Dundee City Council.                                                                                                                                             

Partners across the city are targeting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for Dundee by 2045 or sooner.

Local companies and organisations will be represented at the Discovery Point launch, showing their commitment to reducing emissions from sources including energy use, transport and waste.

A recent report outlined how the council has slashed its own emissions by 13% in the last year.

The plan outlines a Dundee Climate Change Conference next year to allow interest groups and communities to review progress on the issues.

Dundee City Council leader Councillor John Alexander said: “The Climate Action Plan has been prepared to set out a first set of ambitious actions in this long-term pathway.

“It is the culmination of collaborative work between our public, private and community organisations, recognising the fact that a concerted city-wide effort is required.

“Preparation of the plan has allowed our public bodies, businesses and community organisations in Dundee to focus their thoughts on the city-wide action plan, which has been finalised following a number of engagement events and public consultation.

“We are putting forward an initial set of proposals that will bring about practical solutions to reduce emissions from energy use, transport and waste as well as adapting to our changing climate.

 “I am also keen that the people of Dundee can play a part in this push and that is why a conference will help maintain momentum.”

Representatives attendED the launch from Friends of Earth Tayside, Abertay University, Xplore Dundee, Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce, Dundee Green Health Partnership, Urban Foresight, Michelin / MSIP, DC Thomson, and Dundee Heritage Trust.


Christine McGlasson, Managing Director of Xplore Dundee said:

“As the city’s main public transport provider, we’re acutely aware of our role in this vital strategy to tackle climate change.  We’re taking action to make our buses an even more attractive and environmentally friendly travel option because we’re determined to play our part, alongside our partners in the city, to reduce emissions, improve air quality and encourage more people to choose sustainable and active transport options.  This kind of significant behaviour change is what’s needed to tackle the Climate Emergency and we’re ready for the challenge.”   

Deirdre Robertson, Director of Dundee Heritage Trust said:

“Dundee Heritage Trust is proud of its track record on sustainability. We hold a green tourism award, have invested heavily in LED and given approval for the siting of Ebikes at both Discovery and Verdant. We are planning a climate change gallery at Discovery and plan to retrofit our building to make it more energy efficient using renewable energy. We have a strong role to play in community leadership and awareness raising in the city’s efforts to tackle climate change.”

David Thomson, Director and Chief Operating Officer DC Thomson, said:

“We’re proud to be part of the launch of the Dundee Climate Action Plan and, as a major employer in the city, we support Dundee City Council as they set out their ambitions today.

“We recognise the need for immediate action and look forward to working together with the Council and, as a business, with our own suppliers, customers, employees and communities as we scale up our action to address the challenges we all face.”


Andrew Llanwarne, Chair of Friends of the Earth Tayside said:

“Friends of the Earth Tayside has been pleased to contribute towards the preparation of this Plan. The Council has recognised that we face a Climate Emergency, and it is vital now that the Plan is developed further and translated into urgent action.  In particular, all new infrastructure in the city, from houses, offices and schools to transport systems, should be designed for a net-zero-carbon future.  This Plan should therefore be the starting point for taking much more ambitious steps, with the Council, businesses and communities working together to address the serious challenges we face with the climate crisis.  Community groups across Dundee will continue to press for the major changes required, and can also help to implement some of those changes.”



George Tarvit, Director of Sustainable Scotland Network said:

“The Sustainable Scotland Network commend the work of the Sustainable Dundee Partnership in developing the Dundee Climate Action Plan. Having played a part in the co-design of the Plan, SSN welcomes its publication, and the intention to continue collaboration through a new Dundee Climate Change Partnership.

“Scotland is on a journey toward ending its contribution to climate change by 2045, and Dundee is clearly working hard to play its part on the path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. As Scotland’s public sector network on climate change and sustainability, SSN looks forward to working with our members in Dundee to implement the Plan and scale up action on climate change.”

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland said:
“More than 80% of Scotland’s carbon footprint is caused by the extraction, transport or manufacture of the products we consume. To address this we have to develop a circular approach by making more of the materials we already have and use them over and over again. This circular economy presents an opportunity for new models of streamlined business that designs out waste and maximises the potential of finite and precious materials.

“The development of Dundee’s Climate Action Plan is a significant step in changing our current habits and can lead to a more sustainable approach that protects the climate and Scotland’s environment in the years to come.”




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