Pause Progress Report

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A progress report on the Pause project, which supports vulnerable Dundee women who have had multiple children removed from their care due to risks to their children, explains how “positive outcomes” are already emerging for those taking part.

Pause is a trauma-informed voluntary programme in which a consistent and dependable relationship is built between a skilled Pause Practitioner and women, which becomes the foundation for future work.

The Dundee initiative has already worked with over 30 women since it was set up last year. The project offers vulnerable women voluntary assistance, which can include supporting them to access other services including local sexual health services and contraception.

Pause offers an initial engagement period of up to four months, with women offered support to access other services as well during that time.

They can then decide to engage with the full Pause programme.

Those who do not will still receive care from other agencies including their GP, substance misuse services and employability advice.

And if they do become pregnant, the city council’s New Beginnings team will offer assistance.

A report to Dundee City Council’s children and families service committee on Monday January 27, describes Pause as providing an innovative and intensive service to some of

Dundee’s most vulnerable women.

Depute committee convener Councillor Roisin Smith said: “I am pleased that Pause is already making an impact for women who suffer from multiple challenges in their lives.

“Domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, drug abuse and mental health problems are just a few of the issues that can blight the everyday lives of these women and create risks for their children.

“Pause is proving to be an excellent addition to local services and helps to enhance the support that is available.                                                                   

“I want to see these women have better life chances, to escape the cycles of abuse or addiction that they face and move on to training and employment opportunities and make a contribution to society.”

The committee will hear that independent evaluation has been commissioned by the Robertson Trust.

Pause is also part funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. 

Feedback from women who have taken in Pause Dundee includes:

  • Better engagement with services such as health services, social work, benefits and housing
  • Re-establishing contact with children who have previously been removed from their care
  • Improvement in the quality of contact with their children
  • Financial stability
  • Housing stability
  • Improved self-esteem and sense of hope

The reports also explains how Pause is overseen by a project board and delivered by Tayside Council on Alcohol.

Councillor Smith added: “The voices of women who have gone through the Pause process are inspiring and we are seeing some of them re-establishing relationships with their families.

“As part of a range of services for vulnerable women, their participation is voluntary and we are all committed to helping them to move on from the traumatic experiences that they have suffered.”

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