On-street cycle storage

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CYCLISTS in Dundee could soon have secure on street storage for their bikes if a £225,000 scheme gets the green light.

Councillors will be asked to approve a tender from Kirkcaldy-based Cyclehoop Ltd for the supply and installation of 40 storage units, including in some of the city’s most deprived areas.

Mark Flynn convener of Dundee City Council’s city development committee said: “Not only does the city have lowest levels of bike ownership among all local authorities in Scotland, we also have a high proportion of our population living in properties with limited space for cycle storage.

“These two factors are clearly connected and a key part of getting more people onto two wheels is providing somewhere safe for bikes to be stored when not in use.”

Kevin Cordell the city’s cycling spokesperson added: “This scheme offers convenient and safe bike storage at ground level and as result will help to deliver the benefits associated with active travel including reduced car journeys, improved air quality, reduced noise pollution and better long-term physical and mental health.”

The committee will be told that a procurement exercise was completed last month and of the three bids received Cyclehoop offered the best combination of value for money and quality.

Cyclehoop bike hangar units will provide six accessible lockable, weather resistant cycle parking spaces on racks designed to park and secure all types of bicycles with a wide range of wheel sizes. It can also be adapted for non-standard versions including cargo bikes and trikes.

Alongside a refundable £25 key deposit Cyclehoop will charge £6 per space per month to cover the management and pre-planned maintenance of the scheme.

The council will retain ownership of the storage units and provide a small number of parking spaces to accommodate them. 

The council will liaise with Cyclehoop to identify suitable locations for the storage units before consulting community groups on proposed locations. These will be on:

  • proximity to areas of high household density;
  • “propensity to cycle” data available to Dundee City Council;
  • proximity to current or future cycle infrastructure; and
  • ease of specific site installation.

Funding for the scheme has come from Dundee City Council, the Air Quality Action Plan Grant and the Cycling Friendly Social Housing Partnership Fund. A further funding bid will be made early next year to try to secure funds to subsidise rental costs for storage units located in deprived areas of the city.

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