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Dundee City Council Residents Parking Schemes were introduced in 1977 in response to specific difficulties which existed in the Broughty Ferry and City Centre areas. The Menzieshill scheme was introduced in 2003. Under the terms of the scheme, applications for Residents Parking Permits will be considered from occupiers of residential houses or flats covered within the Traffic Regulation Orders for Residents Parking Schemes.

Where a house or flat has been newly built, or has been formed by sub-division of an existing property, the responsibility for the provision of parking lies with the developer unless specifically agreed otherwise by Dundee City Council in advance of the sub-division works taking place.

Annual permits are available to residents in the following zones:

City Centre - £120 (per annum)
Broughty Ferry - £84 (per annum)
Menzieshill - £20 (per annum)

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