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View the current financial year road maintenance programme schedule and corresponding scheme location map.

The programme is subject to change throughout the course of the year due to factors which influence programming such as advanced condition deterioration or network access restrictions associated with third party works.

View our information leaflet providing further detail of the services delivered by the Road Maintenance Partnership.

Types of Maintenance Interventions

There are many different techniques that can be used in the maintenance of roads and footways. The most common maintenance methods used by the Dundee Road Maintenance Partnership are as follows;

Resurfacing (inlay)

Removal of the road or footway surface layer and then reinstate with new hot rolled asphalt material.


Overlaying the existing road or footway surface with new hot rolled asphalt material.


Excavating the full depth of the road or footway construction then reinstating with new materials.

Surface Dressing

Spraying the surface of the road with an adhesive binder coating then spreading a thin layer of small sized stone over the surface.

Micro-asphalt and Surface Treatment

Laying a thin layer of new bituminous bound material over the existing road surface.

In-situ & Ex-situ Recycling

Reconstructing the road surface layers using the existing material which is excavated and reprocessed by mixing new bituminous binder material through the recycled aggregate.