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Planning Applications, and Building Warrants

For a number of years we have been moving towards fully digitising the application; assessment; issue of decision; and other processes.

Now, in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Our staff have remote access to our computer networks, which will allow the processing of Planning Applications and Building Warrants where they are received in an electronic format, there will be issues and very significant delays associated to paper submissions and strongly advise against submitting anything in paper form at this time.  We therefore strongly recommend that all customers not already doing so should submit via the ePlanning Portaland eBuilding Standards Portal. This will give us the best chance of ensuring we can deliver our services to you.

Please note, if you have already submitted a planning application and you wish to submit further information required to validate your application, or post-validation drawings; or if you have already obtained a building warrant and you wish to apply for an amendment, extend the warrant or submit a completion certificate, these can also be done through the portal.

If you have a current planning application or building warrant then please do communicate direct with the case officer by email in the first instance as phones are unlikely to be regularly manned.

We are unable to accommodate general enquiries by phone at this time.

General enquiries for planning matters can be directed to

General enquiries for building standard matters can be directed to

Planning enforcement enquiries should be directed to

For further information regarding building warrant and planning applications, please check the 'Making a Planning Application'and 'Making a Building Warrant Application' webpages as well as the support page on the ePlanning Portal and eBuilding Standards Portal.


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