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Dundee City Council and Homes for Scotland Agreement

On 27th November 2017 City Development Committee approved an agreement between Dundee City Council and Homes for Scotland. The purpose of the Agreement is to assist with the delivery of new housing within Dundee through developing better working practice between Dundee City Council and Home Builders within the City.

The Agreement has been developed in response to the Scottish Government national agenda for housing delivery which seeks to ensure high quality sustainable homes of varying tenure and seeks to build on the recognition that the Council has worked closely with housebuilders throughout the city to seek to not only deliver homes but create high quality places.

The Agreement provides a process by which both parties can further improve working together and help ensure that the number, quality and choice of new homes being built meets the needs of people who live or want to live within Dundee.

The Agreement sets out the priorities and commitments of both parties in terms of the approach to future working practice including approach to engagement and communication as well as delivery.

This Agreement is the first of it’s in Scotland and was signed on the 19th April 2018 by Dundee City Council City Development Convenor Councillor Lynne Short and Homes for Scotland Chief Executive Nicola Barclay.

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