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We want people in Dundee to enjoy

  • cleaner air
  • better health
  • a more pleasant and attractive city.

Air pollution is harmful to health, especially for

  • the young
  • the elderly
  • those with heart and lung conditions.

Dundee has made progress in reducing levels of air pollution. There are still streets where nitrogen dioxide is at levels that exceed the legal standards, so we need to take more action.

Road traffic is the main source of nitrogen dioxide.

Low emission zones explained

Low emission zones (LEZ) reduce pollution levels and improve air quality by stopping the most polluting vehicles entering a specific area.

Only the cleanest vehicles can travel in a LEZ. Penalty charges will apply to vehicles entering a LEZ that don’t meet these standards.

The Scottish Government is working with

  • Dundee
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh 
  • Aberdeen

to put LEZs in place. Find out more about the Scottish LEZ plans including vehicle emission standards.

Dundee's Low Emission Zone proposal

A delivery group was established in September 2019 to lead the development of a Dundee Low Emission Zone.

The Dundee LEZ will contribute to the broader city objectives and the vision to create a healthy, vibrant and attractive city by protecting public health through improving air quality in Dundee and achieving air quality compliance for NO2, PM10 and PM2.5.

Dundee's LEZ will develop an environment that helps to promote more active and sustainable travel choices, contributes to the city's ongoing transformational change and helps to promote Dundee as an inclusive and desirable place to live, invest, visit and learn.

More than 1300 people and organisations took part in a public consultation on the Dundee LEZ. A report on the progress of the project was presented to councillors in February 2020.

Cornavirus (Covid-19) has had a major impact on travelling behaviour and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels. Dundee City Council is working closely with Transport Scotland and the other three cities during the current crisis. Progress is being reviewed regularly.


Furter information on air quality.

The Energy Saving Trust has more information about grants and loans for people wishing to make greener travel choices.

The Low Emission Zones Scotland site includes a vehicle checker.