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The Council has set the following street lighting service standards.

Service Type Timescale
Emergencies: (Vehicle damage, doors missing, etc...) Attendance within 4 hours
Routine Faults: Attendance and repair within 2 full working days from notification
Cable Faults: Attendance and repair within 5 full working days from notification

Note: In some instances the street lights are affected by a fault on the electricity supply cable, which is the responsibility of the local electricity company to repair. Although the Council has a service level agreement which provides that these faults are repaired within the 5 working days, attendance and repair, particularly during the winter period, cannot always be guaranteed by the electricity company due to other priorities e.g. dealing with faults affecting household supplies.

All street lighting defects can be reported using the Council's Road & Lighting Defects freephone number: 0800 23 23 23