Application for Outdoor Hospitality Space Permit

How long will it take?

As each application is different, the time taken to process them will inevitably vary. In general, it is estimated that it will take approximately one month to process an application from its receipt to issuing a permit. The application process will be expedited if your proposal complies with the good practice procedures contained in the policy guidance, and your application is accompanied by all of the required supporting information.

What will it cost?

The fee for processing an application for an outdoor hospitality space permit covers the administrative and legal costs incurred in the preparation and issue of the permit, and the rental of part of the public footpath, in line with the Council’s rules on street trading.

The annual administration costs are noted in the table below. This will be updated annually. Where benches are to be used, the seating capacity of each bench should be stated in the application. A bench will not be counted as a single chair.

Annual Administration Charge
Number of Chairs Unlicensed Licensed
Up to 8 £100 £500
Up to 24 £200
Each additional chair
above 24 with a
maximum of 50
£25 £25

Once your application has been processed and approved, payment should be made as requested prior to any operation commencing.

In addition, should other statutory consents be required there will be associated charges.

If you are proposing to use the area for the consumption of alcohol you must have an occasional licence granted by the licensing board before the area can be used. You must also comply with any conditions attached to that licence. Licenses can only be granted in 14-day block. If you have any questions in relation to occasional licenses you should contact the licensing board at or call 01382 43444.

Download the Outdoor Hospitality Space Permit Policy (177KB PDF)

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