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The Corporate Fleet team is responsible for management and maintenance of the Council's fleet assets. The Council holds 812 vehicles and as an operator of goods vehicles is responsible for ensuring statutory compliance in respect of licensing, inspections, and vehicle maintenance. In addition to fleet vehicles, the service also provides maintenance to 468 items of plant, predominantly associated with landscaping and construction apparatus. On behalf of the Council, the Corporate Fleet team is required to hold an Operator’s Licence which requires the Council to commit to various undertakings, including compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) regulations regarding drivers' hours and tachographs. As part of the service's remit the Corporate Fleet team is responsible for the Council's fleet asset management plan and fleet renewal programme, including procurement and disposal of assets. The Corporate Fleet team operate the Council's fleet of 16 school passenger transport mini-buses and operate an MOT testing centre for the 710 licensed taxis in Dundee to ensure public safety standards are maintained in this area of transport provision.