Dundee's Public Space Camera Surveillance System

Dundee City Council's Public Space Camera Surveillance System has been in operational for over 20 years and is monitored 24/7 by Police Scotland.

View an online web map of CCTV cameras.

The Council's public space system consists of 88 cameras located throughout the City. The purpose of the system is to: -

  • Support community & public safety
  • Deter anti-social behaviour
  • Deter and/or prevent crime
  • Support the investigation, detection and evidence gathering of crimes
  • Traffic and event management

With the assistance of funding from Smart Cities European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Dundee City Council has partnered with Angus Council and Perth and Kinross Council and installed a new Tayside Public Space System which covers the 2 cities, Dundee and Perth and Angus’s seven towns. Dundee City Council completed the upgrading of all of it’s 88 public space cameras in 2021. Along with the completion in 2021 of the new Dundee Public Space digital network to transmit the new digital camera images.

What is the purpose of Public Space Camera Surveillance

  • Public safety
  • Public protection
  • Investigation of crime / anti-social behaviour
  • Traffic management
  • City centre and event management
  • Smart City Open Data Creation - People and Vehicle Counts 

Who will use / have access to the CCTV images

  • Police Scotland
  • Dundee City Council’s Urban Traffic Control Team for traffic and event management

Contact Details

Police Scotland
Police Scotland Contact Us Form
Telephone 101

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