Guidance in regard to exceptional circumstances permit applications

Permits may be issued to individuals who do not reside within the School Streets Zone if they qualify under the category of exceptional circumstances.

The criteria for circumstances potentially eligible for a permit are listed below. If any circumstance is not listed but considered to be exceptional, please contact

Please note: All exceptional circumstances must be applied via the school streets email address.

Blue Badge holders are not considered an exceptional circumstance unless they also meet one or more of the criteria noted.

  1. An individual works within the School Streets zone and has restricted mobility.
  2. ESA/ASN (Additional Support Needs) Pupil that resides or enters a school streets zone through their own transport and not a council contracted taxi.
  3. In the case that a pupil is involved with the ESA/ASN programme part time, and the parent requests that they be given a permit due to the child’s mobility, the school should be contacted in the first instance.
  4. A parent/carer that holds a blue badge or has evidence that they qualify for a blue badge and accompanies a child that is in Nursery or P1-P3 can apply for a permit under exceptional circumstance.
  5. The school may ask for a permit that grants a school designated vehicle to leave and enter the school during restricted periods in an emergency circumstance.