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If you wish to construct a new road or alter a road to allow vehicular access, you may require formal consent. Download an application form to apply for consent.

Please note from 1 April 2021, Dundee City Council will charge for processing Road Construction Consent (RCC) applications where the RCC is for new roads including private housing developments and industrial roads. This charge will also cover inspection fees while the works are ongoing.

The Council’s road construction consent fee structure, applicable to all applications received after 1 April 2021, is designed to allow the Council to recover costs incurred in the review and administration of applications, on a proportionate basis to the scale of the development. The fees noted in Table 1 below are based on the estimated road bond value for the proposed new road which is calculated by the roads authority. The fees are applicable to all site inspections undertaken by the Council in its administration of applications with such fees being sought at the stage of road construction consent application to the Council as the inspection is informed by all technical appraisals that are required from the date of application.

The road construction consent process will only commence once the appropriate application documentation, and 50% of the fee value, has been received. The developer may be subject to additional fees if significant changes arise during the application process. Any additional fees will be valued on the direct costs incurred by the Council. The granting of road construction consent will not be issued until the full fee has been received by the Council.

Table 1

Estimated Road
Bond Value
Fee Percentage Minimum
Fee Value
Up to £100,000 2.5% £1000
From £100,001 to £400,000 2% £2500
From £400,001 to £800,000 1.5% £8000
From £800,001 1% £12000

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Advice on roads matters can be found in the DCC Publication Streets Ahead and the SCOTS document The National Roads Development Guide.