Local Housing Allowance - Current Rates

Local Housing Allowance Rates from 1st April 2024

Rate Amount Per Week Maximum HB
(Paid 4 Weekly)
*Shared Room Rate £86.30 £345.20
1 Bedroom £92.05 £368.20
2 Bedrooms £141.53 £566.12
3 Bedrooms £182.96 £731.84
4 Bedrooms £253.15 £1012.60

The Local Housing Allowance that a tenant will qualify for will depend on the number of occupiers in their household. The size criteria determines the appropriate number of rooms that the occupier will qualify for.

One bedroom is allowed for each of the following (up to a maximum of 4 bedrooms):

  • Every adult couple
  • Any other adult aged 16 or over
  • Any two children of the same sex
  • Any two children regardless of sex under age 10
  • Any other child

*The shared room rate applies to claimants under 35 years of age who live on their own and to people who choose to live in shared accommodation. 

To find out how many bedrooms you are entitled to, enter your household composition into our Bedroom Entitlement Calculator.