Dundee-Orleans Twinning Association

When the cities of Dundee and Orléans were first twinned in 1946 the organisation of the twinning was looked after by the Dundee-Orléans Fellowship, largely made up of the group who had run a club for the Free French submariners based in Dundee throughout the Second World War.

In 1993 Lord Provost Tom McDonald brought together people who had been involved in twinning activities between Dundee and her four sister cities and the Twinning Associations were formed. In recent years Lord Provost John Letford set up a Twinning Room within City Chambers for the use of the Twinning Associations.

The Dundee-Orléans Association has as its aim the fostering and furthering of the excellent relations between the two cities. The Association has an annually elected Management Committee and acts as a source of reference and information for anyone who would like to participate in twinning activities, or who would simply like to visit our beautiful and historic French twin.

Many members of the Association know Orléans well and are able to offer groups and individuals practical and detailed advice on planning a visit - either as a tourist or an exchange. The Association is in regular contact with the Bureau des Relations Exterieures in the Orléans Town Hall and with the Orléans Office des Tourisme.

Dundee's French twin is the perfect centre, an hour's journey by train from Paris, to visit the wonderful Loire Valley and its magnificent chateaux.

If you would like further information, please contact:

The Secretary,
Dundee-Orléans Twinning Association
c/o City Chambers
City Square
Dundee DD1 3BT
Email: sallycarus@gmail.com