Tackling Drug Related Litter

The Dundee Community Safety Partnership recently formed a drugs related litter group to deal with the problem of used needles and other drugs related litter being inappropriately disposed of in Dundee. A partnership was set up between Police Scotland, Tayside Division, Transform, Vice Versa, CAIR Scotland and Dundee City Council: waste management, communities officers, private sector services unit and community safety wardens.

The group have worked to reduce the amount of needle litter by identifying problem area through reports to waste management or police about discarded needles. These areas are then targeted to raise awareness and identify the persons responsible. By use of posters and direct contact by partners the offenders are educated as to the best way to dispose of their used needles safely at disposal points.

To simplify the safe collection of needles a single point of contact phone number has been set up. This can be used 24 hours a day for a rapid response to remove the danger.

You should not attempt to lift a discarded needle yourself unless you have been trained and have the correct equipment for lifting and disposal.

The single point contact number is 01382 433063.