Barking Dogs

If you are being bothered by noise from the continual barking of a neighbour's dog, there are several options on how to deal with the problem.

In the first instance, it may be possible for you to speak with the dog owner, explaining how the noise affects you and see what they might be able to do to remedy the situation. This is admittedly easier said than done, and it is understandable that often people choose not to follow this course. No-one likes to complain to their neighbour and often as not, they don't appreciate that their dog is a source of annoyance to others. In any event, it may be best to afford them some time to remedy the situation. In the meanwhile, keep a record of when the problem occurs.

Secondly, you can contact us and speak to one of our Animal Control Officers. Please be aware that they do not have any enforcement powers where barking is concerned and act only in an advisory capacity. That said, they have a proven record of success in resolving such complaints informally.

Should either of the above approaches be unsuccessful, you have the further option to address the matter through the Scottish Court Service (formerly the District Court). This may sound expensive with huge legal bills. It needn't be. There is no requirement for you to be represented by a solicitor, though you may be if you so wish. Written details of the problem are submitted to the Court who then in turn seek your neighbour's side of the story. Weighing up all the evidence, if they are satisfied that the dog is causing a problem, they may make an Order requiring the dog owner to take necessary or specific steps to deal with the problem at hand.

For further information or advice please contact the Animal Control Section.


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