Gas Canisters

Reused or Recycled via: 

Reuse your Gas Canisters!

As a priority, contacting your gas canister supplier is the recommended and most ethical method of disposal.  Taking your unwanted gas canisters back to your supplier means they can be reused again. Many suppliers operate take-back and canister refill schemes.  They are also best equipped to safely handle this type of waste.  

If you have to dispose of your Gas Canisters

If you can’t take your gas canister back to your supplier and you need to dispose of it, they can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

Important - When disposing of your gas canisters at the HWRC, please speak to a recycling operative.  They will direct you to a designated area of the recycling centre for this waste type.

Safety Warning - Please Read

Incorrect disposal of gas canisters is dangerous and can lead to injury or harm if it remains undetected throughout the waste treatment process.

Do not dispose of gas canisters:

  • in grey residual waste bins.
  • in any recycling bins.
  • at any recycling points.
  • in waste skips.
  • Your gas canisters from the HWRCs are collected either by a gas canister supplier for reuse or a reprocessing facility for recycling.
  • If the canister supplier decides the canister is to be recycled then it’s made safe (emptied), valve removed and then recycled at a traditional metal recycling facility.

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