Recycling Points

Recycling points are smaller in scale and have a more limited number of bins than Recycling Centres. However, they are sited in locations throughout Dundee that people are likely to pass or visit on a regular basis, so as to make recycling as convenient as possible.

Use the map to find what you can recycle nearby. You can either;

  1. Select a recycling point on the map to view the materials that can be recycled there, or
  2. Select a material below to view where you can recycle it on the map.
Alternatively you can view a list of recycling points.

Advanced Map View
Aluminium Cans Icon Plastic Packaging Icon Paper Icon Cardboard Icon Brown Glass Icon Clear Glass Icon Green Glass Icon Books Icon Textiles Icon Tapes and Discs Icon

For further information contact:
Environment Department
 3 City Square
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 Tel: 01382 433710