Street Cleansing

The Council provides a high quality street cleansing service for the city, it is responsible for the efficient and effective cleaning operation and in particular the provision of cleansing in terms of Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Report a Street Cleansing Issue

The Act places a duty on the Crown, Local Authority and designated statutory undertakers, and the owners of some other land, to which the public has access, clear of litter and refuse, as far as is practicable.  Under Section 89(7), the Act requires the Secretary of State to issue a Code of Practice to which those under the duty are required to have regard (Environmental Protection Act, 1990: Code of Practice on litter and refuse).  The Service is therefore statutory in nature and one which must be provided for by Dundee City Council.

The Street Cleansing Service delivery includes the undernoted activities:

  • The removal and disposal of litter, refuse, debris, leaves, vegetation, animal carcasses, dead birds and excrement from roads, pavements, pedestrian precincts, shopping areas, amenity areas, car parks, etc. within our remit.
  • The removal and disposal of windblown litter gathered on walls, fences, hedges, shrubs etc. (public property only).
  • The removal and disposal of litter from shrub-beds, tree and rose-planted areas for a distance of one metre from the edge of the planted area.
  • The mechanical sweeping of road channels throughout the city.
  • The emptying of litter bins and dog faeces bins.

The service is complemented by the enforcement of dog fouling legislation by animal control officers.

For further information contact:

Tel: 01382 433710 Option 6