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LiteraciesWorking with the literacies team you find ways of feeling better about how to deal with issues that everyday life throws at you...
  • dealing with official letters
  • getting your point of view across
  • using a mobile phone
  • putting things down on paper
  • finding the information you're looking for
  • tips on spelling
  • online applications
  • working out change or payments
  • organising yourself for important meetings
  • overcoming feelings of panic, stress or embarrassment
  • coping with dyslexia
  • helping¬†with the kids' homework
  • keeping up to date with your claimant commitment

So it's more than just reading, writing and numbers.

How to get Involved

The Literacies Team can meet with you at a neighbourhood venue that suits you or at Mitchell Street Centre.  Email or call us on 01382 435844 or text 07930533222.