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For any queries or for more information please call the Lettings Centre, Tel: 0300 123 9023 or 01382 307400.

When you move into a Dundee City Council property, it should be safe, clean, tidy and in good working order. This is the standard of home you can expect from us as a new tenant.

  • Front, back and verandah doors will be secure, wind and watertight. 2 sets of keys will be provided for each external door.
  • Internal doors will be well fitted, able to open and close easily with¬†handles that are working properly. The kitchen door will be fire resistant and fitted with an auto door closer.
  • Floors and stairs will be clean, whole and even to allow carpets to be laid (you must ask permission to lay laminate flooring). All staircases will have a secure handrail.
  • Ceilings and walls will be in good condition.
  • Windows will be well fitted, secure, wind and water tight with handles that are working properly. Ground floor windows will lock and all other windows will have appropriate safety locks and keys.
  • A full electrical safety check will have been carried out to comply with current legislation. All electrics will be in good working order, including; heating, hot water system, switches, sockets, extractor fans and the smoke alarm.
  • The kitchen units and worktops will be in good condition. Doors and drawers will open and close properly and taps will be in good working order.
  • The bathroom suite, including taps, will be in good condition and in good working order. There will be a new toilet seat with lid and the sink and bath will have chains and plugs.
  • A full gas check will have been carried out to comply with current legislation and a current safety certificate will be left at the boiler (you must allow access to your home for an annual gas safety check).
  • The Carbon Monoxide detector will be checked and will be in working order.