Energy Advice

In response to the need to eradicate fuel poverty the council has established the Dundee Energy Efficiency Advice Project (DEEAP). The aim of DEEAP is to provide a service throughout the city advising householders on fuel tariffs, how to reduce bills, energy efficiency measures, advocacy work resolving individuals debts with energy suppliers, and other advice and referral work.

During the last twelve months DEEAP staff have:

  • Re-negotiated in excess of £30,000 worth of fuel bills this winter
  • Distributed 9,000 low energy light bulbs
  • Raised more than £200,000 in benefits
  • Around 600 households are benefiting from lower fuel bills through social tariffs

DEEAP can give advice on all energy related issues, including:

  • Billing problems
  • Heating system demonstrations
  • Energy saving tips
  • Benefit checks
  • Low energy light bulbs
  • Dampness and condensation problems
  • Fuel supplier issues

Contact Details

Dundee Energy Efficiency Advice Project
Tel: 01382 434840

Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street
Dundee DD1 3YL