National and Local Policy Influencing Sustainability in Dundee

The Scottish Governments Climate Change Plan, and Energy Strategy provide the strategic framework for our transition to a low carbon Scotland. It includes proposals and policies to reduce emissions from electricity generation, housing, transport, services, industry, forestry, peatlands, waste, and agriculture. The Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme 2019-2024 is the Scottish Government's statutory five year programme for adapting to climate change. It sets out the Scottish Government's policilies and proposals for the next five years to increase the capacity of Scotland's people, communities, businesses and public sector to adapt to climate change.

The Scottish Government requires public organisations, such as Local Authorities, to report carbon emissions arising from operations and service delivery. This Public Bodies Climate Change Duties Report is mandatory and part of the work carried out for this was to determine the Carbon Footprint of Dundee City Council.

The Councils City Plan, covering the period 2017-2026, has clear targets for sustainability in Dundee, including the commitment to develop the Climate Action Plan.

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