Universal Credit

Universal Credit (UC) is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions and aims to make the welfare system simpler by replacing six benefits and tax credits with a single monthly payment.  Universal Credit applies to claimants of working age only.

Universal Credit replaces:-

  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Jobseekers Allowance (Income based)
  • Employment Support Allowance (Income based)
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Child Tax Credits

If you are currently receiving one of the above benefits, there are certain changes in your household circumstances that can trigger a new claim for UC.

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Universal Credit is paid monthly in arrears, direct into your bank account and it includes any housing costs you are entitled to.  It could be up to 5 weeks before you get your first Universal Credit payment.

In Scotland, claimants are given the option to have their payments monthly or twice monthly and their UC Housing Costs paid directly to their landlord.  This option will be available after you receive your first payment of UC. (Applies to Full service claimants, not those currently on live service).

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