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Dundee is a modern, vibrant city with a current population of over 148,000 living across eight local authority wards. Community Centres are strategically located in SIMD Areas across the city and provide a wide range of social, leisure, recreational and cultural opportunities. These Centres also provide a venue for programmed youth work, adult learning and community development opportunities, contributing to the Council’s strategic priority of Building Stronger Communities.

The Community Centres are run in partnership with local charities in the form of Local Management Groups (LMG’s), whose membership live in the area and are well placed to determine local needs and opinions. A wide range of capacity building opportunities is provided for these charity trustees. This includes support to develop appropriate and achievable outcomes, structured within the Community Partnership Outcomes Framework which links directly to the Community Learning and Development Strategy. Support is also provided to these charity’s to help monitor and evaluate their work in line with their own outcome targets. They share practice through their city wide association, the Dundee Association of Local Management Groups (DALMG).

Volunteers play a key role in the success of each Community Centre and new people are always encouraged to get involved. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Douglas Community Centre.

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