Accessibility and Inclusion Service (AIS)

English as an Additional Language support team (EAL Team)

Dundee is truly a multilingual, multicultural city boasting over 90 languages spoken in our schools. We are proud of our bilingual learners and encourage them to maintain and develop their home language while acquiring English. We wholeheartedly support parents/carers, schools and communities in their endeavours to ensure that Dundee's bilingual learners achieve their potential and enjoy all the advantages that being bilingual can bring in the world today.

The Accessibility and Inclusion Service is a front-line education service with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. The EAL teachers and bilingual assistants work together to provide a wide-reaching service that values all the languages used in our city.

The advice and recommendations given in these guidelines should be followed by every school in Dundee so that our bilingual learners are well supported throughout their school life.

There is further information available to parents/carers on the Accessibility and Inclusion Service EAL Team.

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