Building Alterations

 Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Listed Buildings, whether in a Conservation Area or not, are subject to additional controls. The alteration or removal of any features or fixtures within the interior or exterior of a Listed Building, including its curtilage, requires Listed Building Consent. This Consent is required for demolition, alteration or extension that in any way affects the character or appearance of a listed building. Alterations to listed buildings will only be acceptable where the proposals have regard to the restoration or enhancement of its architectural or historic character. In addition, Planning Permission for certain works may also be required.

Appointment of an architect or surveyor with appropriate conservation experience is recommended, and pre-application discussions with the Council’s Conservation Officer is encouraged. Owners of listed buildings should be aware that it is a criminal offence to undertake unauthorised works to a listed building. The Council have considerable powers to take enforcement action where expedient.

In Dundee’s designated Conservation Areas planning controls are stronger than elsewhere. Conservation Area status can be utilised as a management tool to ensure the preservation and enhancement of the special character of the area. The actual planning control legislation is complex, but is summarised below.