Roads Maintenance

The Roads Maintenance Partnership is a Partnership between Dundee City Council and Tayside Contracts and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Council's 550km adopted road network, and 900km footway network. The principal remit of the Partnership is to manage the functionality and operability of the Councils road and footway network by maintaining the asset in a safe and serviceable condition, and planning roadworks to minimise disruption to users. The Partnership is responsible for routine and safety inspections in accordance with the Council's Inspection and Defect Categorisation Policy and provides reactive repairs to defects, in addition to cyclical maintenance activities such as gully cleaning and winter maintenance. Other services provided by the Partnership include planned maintenance activities including road and footway reconstruction and resurfacing. The service is also responsible for the coordination of roadworks undertaken on the network, inspection of statutory undertaker’s reinstatements, and administration of disabled parking bay applications.

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